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        Pirate's Treasure--Written by Carol Moore

        Ten steps from the porch and twenty steps from the rose bushes, growled Bluebeard in Jimmy's dream one night. There be treasure there! Aawrgh.

        So the next day Jimmy began to dig. He dug until the hole was deep and the dirt pile was high.

        He kept digging. The hole got deeper and the dirt pile got higher.

        He dug until the hole was deepest and the dirt pile was at its highest. He sighed. I'm too tired. I can't dig anymore. Then he spied something...

        ...but it was only one of Woofy's bones. Instead of treasure, all Jimmy had was a dog bone, a hole, and a big pile of dirt to fill it in with. He thought That pirate lied to me!

        But when Jimmy's mother saw what he had done, she clasped her hands and smiled a smile from here to Sunday. Oh, thank you, Jimmy. I always wanted a rhododendron bush planted just there. Here's $5.00 for digging that hole.









        I have a English friend.

        She living in Beijing now, she like Chinese and Chinese food. She think Chinese is very friendly and Chinese food is very nice. For breakfast, she has some noodle and two eggs. For lunch, she has dumplings and for dinner she has rice beef and vegetables. She like sitcom very much, but she can’t stand soap opera.

        Last week , we went to the sea , we had a great time.



        A man is walking past a travel agents office when he notices a billboard announcing, "4 day cruise down the Murray River $40 all inclusive.”


        Impressed by the low price, he races into the shop, slaps $40 onto the counter and announces, "I' m here for the Murray cruise.” Quick as a wink, the travel agent whips out a baseball bat and knocks him unconscious.


        When the man wakes, he finds himself tied to a floating log and drifting down the river. After a time, he notices another man in same predicament on the other side of the river.


        "$40 Murray cruise?" he calls out.


        "Yep!" says the man on the other side.


        "I'll bet you we don't even get breakfast,”he yells.


        "Well,”calls the other man, “we did last year.”



        My Chinese name is Peng Wanjun and English name is Alice. I'm a girl in my 12 years old. I like singing and acting. Besides, I like doing sports. Table tennis is my favorite sport. I have a brother and a sister. They are middle school students.

        I study in -ing Gong Primary School. I'm in Class Two Grade Four. I have three best friends. They are Huang Yue, -ia Yu and Wang Tongtong. We have many things in common. Do you like me?











        Rabbit and tortoise the game run in the forest.

        Starting a rabbit is far away leading,very proud,look down upon tortoise,the tortoise runs very hard,but the rabbit beats to have a doze and starts sleeping to greatly feel.

        Afternoon,the rabbit waked up and ran toward terminal point,but already late,the tortoise has already won a champion.


        We can see a teacher and a student in the cartoon above. When the teacher asks the student to answer a question written on the blackboard, the student wants to seek tech support rather than work it out by himself. The picture aims to tell us the problem that young students are highly dependent on high technology, overlooking the importance of independent thinking.

        A large number of people point out that technology has played an irreplaceable part in learning process, while many others are against it. Those in favor of high technology believe we have benefited a lot from the convenience brought by Information Technology. For instance, our work efficiency has improved because computers can do complex calculations faster and more accurately than men. Also, the Internet has made it much easier to get access to information than before. However, many people claim that over-dependence on technology has done more harm than good.

        As one of youngsters, I think as long as we can take advantages of hi-tech reasonably, our learning process will be highly beneficial. At the same time, keep it in mind that independent thinking comes first, while tech support just offers assistance. Only in this way, can we benefit most from our learning process.

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